Radio frequency treatment

kapilari1Removal of capillaries by radio frequency treatment is a modern method that uses thermal coagulation for safe and effective treatment of capillaries in any part of the body. The method has been developed by vascular surgeons for the treatment of small veins - capillaries that cannot be treated by sclerotherapy. Radio frequency treatment can also be used to remove veins located in difficult areas for treatment, including the face, joints, and knees. Removing the capillary implies thermal coagulation that momentarily seals the blood vessel. The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes.

Who is a candidate for capillary removal?

All adults in good health with expanded capillaries who want a fast, time-saving procedure. Radio frequency treatment is ideal for the treatment of expanded capillaries irrespective of the place where they appear, including the areas that are not suitable for other treatments.

Areas that may be treated:

  • legs
  • arms
  • ankles
  • knees
  • face

Radio frequency treatment is not recommended to:

  • persons suffering from epilepsy
  • persons witha coagulation disorder
  • persons with a pacemaker
  • pregnant women

How is the procedure performed?

After the injection place is cleaned, a very thin needle is used to close small blood vessels. Capillaries will be blocked after then and will disappear soon. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes and does not require wearing elastic stockings. Since very thin needles are used for radio frequency treatment, most patients do not feel any pain. They may very rarely have a sensation of light pinching. For many patients, a single treatment is enough. In some cases, 2-3 treatments are needed to achieve the optimal result.


Recovery is not needed after this procedure. Patients do not have to wear elastic stockings and may return to their regular activities, including going to work.

When are results visible?

Changes are visible immediately After the application of radio frequency treatment, especially in the next few days. Radio frequency treatment produces permanent results.

What are the advantages of radio frequency treatment over other procedures?

The most important advantage is that it is less painful and leaves no bruises. Besides, it may be used to treat areas such as knees, ankles, and face because it is highly safe.

Laser Capillary Treatment

Radio frequency treatment

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